Development and Partnerships

The Development and Partnerships Commission was created in 2013.

  • Chaired by Frédéric Fotiadu, dean of Centrale Marseille
  • Vice-chaired by Jocelyn Brendlé, dean of ENSC Mulhouse
This commission integrates the activities of the former International commission and the relationships with professionals. 


The role of the Development and Partnerships Commission

The mission of the Development and Partnerships Commission is to support schools of engineering in their international development, to guide them in terms of strategic orientations and practical decisions. The Commission provides a forum in which its members can exchange experiences and benefit from shared reflection about such topics as the opening of campuses abroad or the evolution of legislation on foreign students’ welcoming and French students’ mobility.

The Development and Partnerships Commission also aims at building strong relationships with professionals. The French schools of engineering identity is indeed based on a close collaboration with companies. As an institutional player, the CDEFI must reinforce this tie by developing its relations with professional organizations.  


The priority topics of the Development and Partnerships Commission

The Development and Partnerships Commission has set the following priorities for 2013-2015:
  • to build strong ties with professional organizations and unions;
  • to play an active part in the elaboration of diplomas’ mutual recognition’s agreements and to share information about international relations’ news through regular meetings;
  • to intensify collaboration with HRK.

The “FITEC” mobility programs and the other international programs

The CDEFI is the financial manager of the “FITEC” mobility programs, whose French coordinator is Jacques Gelas. The Conference therefore manages the mobility grants offered to French students through the BRAFITEC, ARFITEC and MEXFITEC programs.

The Conference also delivers the grants for Columbian grant holder engineering students wishing to come and study in France and for a mentoring program with Dominican engineering students.