Biographies of the members of CDEFI's Executive Board

Emmanuel Duflos
President of CDEFI and Dean of the EPF Engineering School

Emmanuel Duflos is a University Professor and Dean of the EPF Engineering School since April 2023. He was elected President of CDEFI in June 2023, after having been Vice-President for six years. He graduated in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from ISEN in 1991 and holds a Postgraduate Diploma (DEA) in Signal Processing and Automatic Control, a PhD in Engineering Sciences and an authorisation to supervise research (HDR). Emmanuel Duflos started his career as a techar-researcher at ISEN and then Centrale Lille for seven years, before being appointed Deputy Director of the school, and later Director of Research. He eventually headed Centrale Lille until 2020. Between 2020 and March 2023, he was Dean of a Centrale Lille Institut, a new institution which gathered four Engineering Schools: Centrale Lille, the ENSCL, ITEEM and the IG2I. 

Laure Morel
1st Vice-President of CDEFI and Dean of the ENSGSI
Laure Morel is a Professor in Industrial Engineering at the University of Lorraine and is Dean of the ENSGSI since February 2019. She has been Vice-President of CDEFI’s Research and Innovation Commission for two years before being elected Vice-President of the Conference in June 2023. She holds a PhD in Industrial Systems Engineering and an authorisation to supervise research (HDR). In 2009, she was appointed Director of the University of Lorraine ERPI Laboratory (a research team on Innovative Processes), a position she held until 2019. Laure Morel has contributed to numerous publications and books as part of her research into the modelling and multi-criteria evaluation of innovation processes and associated engineering. 

Romuald Boné
2nd Vice-President of CDEFI and Dean of INSA Strasbourg

Romuald Boné is a University Professor in Computer Science. Since March 2019, he is the Dean of INSA Strasbourg. He has been Vice-President of CDEFI since June 2021, after heading the Human Resources and Funding Commission. Romuald Boné holds a degree in Computer Engineering for Industry, a PhD in Computer Science and an authorisation to supervise research (HDR). He headed ENILV Engineering School twice and managed its merger with ENSIB in 2014 to found INSA Centre-Val-de-Loire. During this period, he held positions as a representative in various bodies, including manager of the digital convergence of the schools of Centre-Val de Loire University PRES (a research and higher education cluster) from 2010 to 2013, and Vice-President of CVLU PRES in 2012-2013. From 2014 to 2019, he was the Dean of ENIB and, from 2016, a member of the board of Brittany's Regional Advisory Committee on Research and Technological Development (CCRRDT). 

Cécile Delolme
3rd Vice-President of CDEFI and Dean of the ENTPE

Cécile Delolme is Chief Engineer and Dean of the ENTPE since December 2020. She graduated as an Engineer from the ENTPE in 1989, and holds a PhD in Waste Management and Treatment and an authorisation to supervise research (HDR) in Earth Sciences. She was a researcher and lecturer in Biogeochemistry of Urban Interfaces at the ENTPE until 2015. Between 2004 and 2014, she directed the Envirhônalp scientific interest group, before becoming Director of the "City environment and its engineering" cluster of the Université Paris-Est ComUE (group of universities). In 2017, she was appointed Vice-president in charge of the I-Site FUTURE initiative of excellence on "The cities of tomorrow". She then held the position of Deputy Vice-President "Transformative projects and societal missions" with the objective of steering the FUTURE initiative of excellence at the University Gustave Eiffel.

Dominique Baillargeat
4th Vice-President of CDEFI and Dean of 3iL Ingénieur

Dominique Baillargeat, Dean of 3iL Ingénieurs since February 2018, is Managing Director of the 3iL Group since January 2020. Elected Vice-President of CDEFI in June 2023, she was previously Vice-President of CDEFI's Education and Society Commission. She held a PhD in Electronics and began her career in 1994 as a Physics teacher at the ESIEE Amiens Engineering School, before joining 3iL ingénieurs in 1998. There, she was first manager of the integrated preparatory cycle and of the school’s research activities, then appointed Director of External Relations and eventually Director of the IT Centre. As the School's Dean, she was responsible for sponsoring the graduating classes by various companies, and for 3IL obtaining the Établissement d'enseignement supérieur privé d'intérêt général (EESPIG) state label and joining the Private Higher Education Institution of General Interest (UGEI).