Resources and Staff Guidance

The Resources and Staff Guidance Commission, formerly known as the Human Resources and Funding Commission, was created in May 2013.
  • Co-chaired by Emmanuel Perrin, dean of Polytech Lyon and Pascal Vairac, dean of SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM
  • Vice-chaired by Étienne Craye, dean of ESIGELEC
This commission has two main missions : reflecting about the new stakes of financial resources’ assignment for Engineering Schools and helping them to understand and measure their costs.  

The role of the Resource sand Staff Guidance Commission

The members of the Resources and Staff Guidance Commission examine all topics related to the autonomy and financial and human resources of Engineering Schools and, more broadly, the economic model of Higher Education and Research institutions.

The priority topics of the Resources and Staff Guidance Commission

The Commission focuses on the following topics :

  • reflecting on Human Resource Planning (GEPP);
  • reflecting on the Quality of working life (QVTV);
  • working on the attractiveness of professions;
  • developing continuing education;
  • encouraging the development of professional skills;
  • following up on the creation of business groups (DGS, RAF, DRH, etc.);
  • reflecting on Higher Education and Research funding.