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As part of our communication strategy, CDEFI launched a newsletter in February 2017.

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Newsletters' archives​

Newsletter #34 – June 2023 :  

Main themes
 : June newsletter kicks off with the announcement of Emmanuel Duflos’s election as CDEFI’s new President. Other news concerns CDEFI’s reaction to the final version of Mr. Philippe Gillet’s report on the French research and innovation ecosystem, as well as a reaction to measures proposed by senators on an immigration draft bill. Additionally, this newsletter highlights the French National Engineer Days supported by CDEFI. Finally, several events are announced, including a training day on ecological and social transition scheduled on July 12th.
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  • Newsletter #33 – May 2023 :
Main themes : This newsletter unveils the winners of Ingénieuses 2023. It also looks back at the first issue of “Focus Data”, CDEFI’s new publication on French engineering school’s figures, that presents statistical data on the conditions of access to student scholarships. Other news in May includes the Conference’s reaction to the Government's Green Industry draft bill; CDEFI's participation in a mobilization campaign to make STEM fields more attractive to teenagers; and its contribution to the public consultation of the European Commission on learning mobility.  Finally, the newsletter announces several upcoming events, such as the renewal of CDEFI's governing bodies and the 2023 Conference of Engineering Schools.
  • Newsletter #32 – April 2023 :
Main themes : April newsletter highlights Ingenieuses 2023 nominees and the Awards Ceremony scheduled on May 11 It announces the opening of registration for CDEFI’s annual symposiumand reviews the speech given by Philippe Dépincé on ecological transition at the inaugural conference of the French 2023 National Engineering Days. In this newsletter, CDEFI takes a position on the reform of scholarship grants on social criteria announced by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Internationally, new calls for ARFITEC and BRAFITEC projects have been launched by each of the programs. April agenda includes several events such as Ingenieuses 2023 Awards Ceremony and the Engineering schools annual symposium.
  • Newsletter #31 – March 2023 :
Main themes : CDEFI announces in March newsletter the 2023 edition of its annual symposium. This newsletter also reviews the number of applications received for Ingenieuses 2023. It is followed by news related two partners events, 2023 Innovation Challenge and the 3rd edition of the Talents for the Planet trade show. Internationally, the European Commission unveiled the six awarded projects that will receive a European degree label, five of which being French Engineering schools. Several events are scheduled in March, including the 5th Ecocampus conference, a seminar on the CVEC and Cpas1option 2023.
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  • Newsletter #30 – February 2023 :​
Main themes : February newsletter announces the official launch of the 13th edition of Ingenieuses, an operation that aims to promote gender diversity in Engineering education. Other CDEFI news highlights the launch of the national platform "Mon Master", the creation of a toolkit to accompany Engineering schools to receive disable students, the opening of the registry campaign for the 10th edition of the Journées nationales de l'ingénieur (the French National Engineering Days) and the announcement of a new edition of Cpas1option, the annual seminar on prevention of students’ high-risk behaviours. February agenda highlights several events, such as the 17th fundraising conference for Higher Education and Health and 2023 National Engineering Days.
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  • Newsletter #29 – January 2023 :
Main themes : January 2023 newsletter opens with the Conference's New Year's wishes. CDEFI also announces the opening of a new permanent office in Brussels. This newsletter addresses some current topics such as the holding of the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoAra) constitutive assembly, the results of the Campus France 2022 Meetings and the launch of ADESFA’s 3rd call for projects. January's agenda includes the Think Education & Research 2023days, the CTI’s annual conference and the 8th conference on internships and other professionalization actions for students. 
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  • Newsletter #28 – November 2022 :
Main themes : November 2022 newsletter focuses on several hot topics including finance, education, and innovation. First, this newsletter looks at the reaction of engineering schools to 2023 budget allocations to higher education. Then follow a news on the signing of the partnership agreement between CDEFI, CTI and INRS on health and safety at work, a review of the 2nd edition of the “Ingénieuses” network meeting and a mappingof innovative hubs within engineering schools. At international level, the European Commissionlaunched its 4th European Universities call for proposals. Several events are planned this month. These include the “IngénieurE au féminin” virtual fair  and a study day  on apprenticeship. 
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  • Newsletter #28 – November 2022 :
Main themes : September 2022 newsletter addresses news related to CDEFI’s priorities for the new academic year. This newsletter focuses on CDEFI’s and the CGE’s call for dialogue to facilitate the running of joint research centers, as well as on the launch of a new data collection campaign. A new partnership was sealed with L'Étudiant. On an international level, CDEFI, France Universités and JACUIE signed an agreement on mutual recognition of studies. Several events are included in September 2022 calendar, including the national Festival of Science and the release of a new guide on how to handle student festive events. Finally, new appointed members joined CDEFI.   
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  • Newsletter #25 – April 2022 :
Main themes : April 2022 newsletter highlights the Ingénieuses 2022 nominees and announces the opening of the 2022 DEFI data collection campaign until June 17. It then presents the CDEFI's new partnership with the MEnS network (“Migrants in higher education”) and the six new doctoral courses that obtained the "Compétences pour l'entreprises" certification ("Skills for business"). In addition, CDEFI refers to Jean Jouzel's report to affirm the importance of integrating the ecological transition into engineering training. Eventually the latest CDEFI's news gives a quick look back on the exchanges during Cpas1Option 2022 seminar on prevention of addictive behaviours. As for the school's news, they highlight all the support expressed by French engineering schools for the academic communities in Ukraine which are affected. by the Russian invasion. And finally, several organizations including CDEFI are launching the National Day NSI ("Digital and computer sciences") to promote this specialized teaching in high school.
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  • Newsletter #24 – February 2022 :
Main themes : In the context of the 2022 "Cap Ingénieuses" certification label, February 2022 newsletter opens with the announcement of the certification of 8 new projects led by 7 engineering schools and the launch of the 1st edition of the "Numérique et sciences informatiques" (Digital and Computer Sciences) Awards, from which CDEFI is a partner. Then, the Conference summarizes the key points of its convention "Being an engineer tomorrow in Europe" and highlights the interventions of Jacques Fayolle and Emmanuel Duflos during the 2022 Think Education & Recherche Days organized by News Tank. Other news include an update on the latest Government's decisions on disability and CDEFI's propositions on the matter. This newsletter also gives a feedback on the 1st edition of the "Rencontres Ingénieuses 2022", which was organised on February 4, 2022. Finally, news cover the publication of the "Partnerships with African Higher Education" 2nd call for projetcs, as well as the certification of three new engineering schools for the "Génération 2024" program.
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  • Newsletter #23 – January 2022 :
Main themes : January 2022 newsletter opens with the Conference's New Year's wishes and the propositions issued by CDEFI in the context of the 2022 French presidential elections. This newsletter is also an opportunity for CDEFI to announce the official launch of the 12th edition of the Ingénieuses initiative, one of its flagship operations that promotes gender equality in engineering schools. In addition, January was the month of the European convention “Being an engineer tomorrow in Europe” takes place, organized by CDEFI at the maison de l'Océan in Paris as part of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. CDEFI also announces the election of the new president of its International and Development commission, Alexis Michel (ENIB). Finally, other news include the announcement of the Think Education & Research 2022 event, organized by News Tank, and the annual conference of the CTI and its European session about "Training engineers in a world in transition".
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  • Newsletter #22 – November 2021 :
Main themes : November 2021 newsletter opens on the launch of a new certification campaign for the "Cap Ingénieuses" certification label. This newsletter also comes back on the 2021 Pépite Awards for student entrepreneurship, during which eighteen young engineers were rewarded. Other news deal with CDEFI's support for the implementation of the Government's action plan against sexual and gender based violence in higher education, the launch of a new call for applications for the doctoral courses "Compétences pour l'entreprise", the Conference's reaction to the "France 2030" investment plan introduced by the French President Emmanuel Macron and the announcement of a new partnership with "Your future", an innovating orientation fair planned in February 2022. Eventually, the newsletter introduces a new MOOC on Intellectual Property created by INPI (the French national institute for industrial property) and the "Mois sans Tabac" operation (the French equivalent for Stoptober) which began in November.
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  • Newsletter #21 – October 2021 :
Main themes : this month’s newsletter begins with a focus on the Conference start of the year meeting, to which the press was invited. It also contains the monthly data report of the Conference, and the launch of the second phase of the DEFI data collect campaign. We take a look back at the latest Académie des technologies report, at the BPI France event intitled La Deeptech voit Big, and at the Conference PR campaign dedicated to la Fête de la science. This newsletter is also the opportunity to announce the next national conference on internships. It ends with a focus on the publication of the Governement's official list of schools that are now accredited to organize the national engineering exams.
Link to newsletter #21 (FR)
  • Newsletter #20 – June 2021 :
Main themes : this month’s newsletter opens with the reelection of Jacques Fayolle as president of the Conference. The newsletter contains a recap of the French engineering schools annual seminar held by the Conference, as well as a summary of the meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. A new parternship has also been announced last month with the company Intech. Last month was also the occasion to announce the digital release of Penser l’après and the publication of the Conference annual overview report dealing with all French engineering schools data. This newsletter takes a look back at the consultation held by HCERES, CEFDG and the conference. It ends with a focus on the publication of the Governement's official list of the schools that are now accredited to deliver a bachelor degree specialized in science and engineering.
  • Newsletter #19 – May 2021 :
Main themes : this month, the newsletter includes a recap of major CDEFI-related news ; the publication of Penser l’après, a report dedicated to international student mobility, the reveal of the Ingénieuses winners, and the participation of the Conference in the making of a report dedicated to fighting LGBTQ+ discriminations. This newsletter also offers a look back at the Cpas1option seminar. Finally, this newsletter is the opportunity to announce the forthcoming election of the new president of the Conference and the French engineering schools annual seminar. 
  • Newsletter #18 – April 2021 :
Main themes: this month’s newsletter contains the 2021 list of Ingénieuses nominees. It also contains an article dedicated to the overview report issued by the Conference and its partners regarding Health and Safety at work courses in engineering schools. This newsletter is the opportunity to take a look back at the announcement of a new partnership with the e-learning multilingual platform Arte CAMPUS. Last month also marked the start of the DEFI campaign, whose purpose is to collect data on the French schools of engineering. Lastly, the Conference issued two statements after major Governement’s declarations : one deals with the necessary inclusion of students in the vaccination campaign launched by the French Governement, and the other refers to the continuity of financial aids allocated to students as the Covid-19 crisis carries on. 
  • Newsletter #17 – February 2021 :
Main themes : The second newsletter of the year contains a double focus on Ingénieuses, with the official launch of this year’s edition and the creation of a website dedicated to the operation. This newsletter is also the opportunity to focus on three major publications : the Conference annual overview report dealing with all French engineering schools data, a report dedicated to research programs in private schools, and the CTI's list of engineering schools accredited to deliver a bachelor in engineering. One of the main news included in this newsletter is the gradual return of students on campus. This newsletter ends with an article dedicated to the winners of a challenge focusing on finding innovative solutions in order to increase road safety.
  • Newsletter #16 – January 2021 :
Main themes: this very first newsletter of 2021 starts with the Conference President wishes for the year to come, and the official launch of the Cap Ingénieuses quality label. This newsletter also contains a focus on the Planning Act for Research and Innovation (LPR), an official statement regarding Brexit and the announcement of the Conference latest parternship with the Army. Our readers will also find an article dedicated to the World Engineering Days and the Pause program call for applications.
  • Newsletter #15 – December 2020 :
Main themes : this final 2020 newsletter deals with the important events and milestones of the last months: the national conference on internships, the 2020 Science festival,  the No Tobacco Month in November, the creation of the new network Alumni for the planet, development of new tools to promote professionnal equality and to fight against sexual and gender-based violence, and  recognition of 150 new engineering  trainings in Quebec. The rest of the news focuses on the publication of new documents for the schools of engineering to help them handling the sanitary crisis and on CDEFI releasing an opinion column on the necessity to support the synergy between research and education.
  • Newsletter #14 - September 2020 :
Thèmes abordés : this newsletter focuses on the beginning of the academic year in the French engineering schools. It also deals with the Ingenieuses initiative, and more specifically with the nominated and the schools' projects. Other subjects are mentionned: CDEFI's amendments suggestion for the Planning Act for Research, public measures to help apprentices and young graduates' employment, the launch of registration for acquiring the status of graduated engineer, and the schools' results to the European universities call for projects. 
  • Newsletter #13 – June 2020 :
Main themes : the newsletter #13 focuses on news related to the context of crisis: CDEFI's submissions in order to face the consequences of Covid-19 and to extend the government financial assistance for apprenticeship, the announcement of the deadline extension for Ingenieuses 2020, as well as a focus on engineering schools' engagement during the crisis. This newsletter also announces the launch of the evaluation process of French engineering schools' Bachelor's degrees. Other news refer to a new partenrship with the "Trophées des campus responsables" (the French variant of the Green Gown Awards) and a call for projects launched in partnership with the African higher education.
  • Newsletter #12 – April 2020 :
Main themes : April 2020 newsletter deals with this month's important actuality. A part of it is linked to the epidemic context : the announcement of the new schedule for engineering schools' entrance exams, the decision of the Ministry of Higher Education to extend the doctoral and postdoctoral contracts, the delay of CTI's auditing process, and the publication by CDEFI and its partners of a statement asking for special measures to help young graduate to find a job. The other news focus on the decision of the Conseil constitutionnel concerning the Parcoursup platform, as well as the opening of the 2020 press data campaign.
  • Newsletter #11 - March 2020 :
Main themes : in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, this 11th newsletter opens with the announcement of the creation of a webpage gathering useful documents for the engineering schools. Coronavirus is also the main topic of the second news concerning a common statement of CDEFI and CPU to support the Chinese community. The rest of the actuality concerns CDEFI's reaction to the report of the Conseil constituonnel regarding the Parcoursup platform, but also to the engineering school's rankings often published by the press. This newsletter eventually celebrates the opening of Ingenieuses 2020.
  • Newsletter #10 - January 2020 :
Main themes : this 10th newsletter opens with the CDEFI team's greetings for the new year. It then focuses on the publication of the September 11, 2019 "CVEC" seminar's report, and on the ratification of a governmental declaration of intent regarding the MEXFITEC program. The actuality also includes the reassertion of our partners :Think Education & Recherche, CTI and more recently the association La Parole aux 18-28. Eventually, a news is dedicated to the making by the CPED of a map representing actions led in the higher education and research sector during International Women's Day.
  •  Newsletter #9 - December 2019 :
Main themes : December 2019 newsletter focuses on the new partnership between CDEFI, CTI and INRS and on the October 17 event dedicated to the baccalaureat reform. It also adresses the questions of sites policies,and of the 2020 draft Budget bill. Finally, the newsletter deals with the triple European recognition of CTI, the Journées nationales de l'ingénieur (the French variant of World Engineering Day) and the launch of a new call for projects for the African higher education.
  • Newsletter #8 – October 2019 :
Main themes : the newsletter #8 focuses on the new Planning Act for Research and Innovation, sites policies of higher education, the reform of the baccalauréat, gender equality in higher education and research, the launching of a national consultation on the European Higher Education Area, as well as on Science Festival 2019.
  •  Newsletter #7 – July 2019 :
Main themes : this newsletter covers different topics such as the renewal of the CDEFI governance, sites policies of higher education, the annual symposium of engineering schools, the 4th edition of engineering schools indicators, the Ingénieuses 2019's ceremony, the establishment of European universities and the program Brafitec. Finally, it is in this edition that our Conference publishes the first issue of "Perspectives ingénieur" dedicated to the synergie between training and research in engineering schools.
  • Newsletter #6 - November 2018 :
Main themes : you can find in the newsletter #6 a news about a charter's signature to prevent risks during integration week-ends, the launch of the 7th edition of the label: "Skills for business world", the engineering week in Colombia, CDEFI as a partner of the 2018 RUE event, the practical guide for institutions published by the Civic Service Agency, the San Francisco declaration on research assessment signed by CDEFI, as well as a news about the call for projects "European universities".
  • Newsletter #5 - July 2018 :
Main themes : newsletter #5 highlights the student and campus life tax focuses on the Brafitec Forum and on our recent events: the Ingenieuses18's ceremony and the annual conference of French engineering schools.
  • Newsletter #4 - April 2018 :
Main themes: newsletter #4 presents a feedback on the CDEFI-CTI European conference, the list of nominees for Ingenieuses18 as well as a news about the Cpas1option's seminar that took place in Nantes.

  • Newsletter #3 - February 2018 :
Main themes: newsletter #3 focuses on the Skills for Business world (CPE) label, on the reform of apprenticeship and on the launch of the Parcoursup's platform.
  • Newsletter #2 - May 2017 :
Main themes: newsletter #2 presents an update of the Ingenieuses17 operation, the registration of CDEFI as an associate member of the Aviesan research alliance dedicated to life and health sciences, and announces the launch of the second press data campaign.

  • Newsletter #1 - February 2017 :
Main themes: newsletter #1 focuses on the Erasmus' 30th anniversary, on the Think Education event and on the projects’ centrifuge created by Centrale Lille in partnership with EDHEC Business School, ENSAIT and Yncréa.