Emmanuel Duflos
President - Dean of EPF
Laure Morel
Vice-president - Dean of ENSGSI
Romuald Boné
Vice-president - Dean of INSA Strasbourg
Cécile Delolme
Vice-president - Dean of ENTPE
Dominique Baillargeat
Vice-president - Dean of 3iL Ingénieurs

The Executive Board

CDEFI’s Executive Board, elected for two years, comprises the president and vice-presidents.

The Executive Board meets every month, prior to the Standing Committee’s meeting. It coordinates the implementation of CDEFI's strategic orientations, follows the Conference's activities and news and takes the appropriate decisions. The Executive Board identifies the topics to be put on the next Standing Committee’s and General Meetings’s agendas. It defines the work programme of the CDEFI permanent staff. 

Discover the biographies of CDEFI's Executive Board members

Étienne Craye
Armel de la Bourdonnaye
Dean of INSA Hauts-de-France
Philippe Dépincé
Dean of Polytech Nantes
Florence Dufour
Dean of EBI
Jacques Fayolle
Dean of Mines Saint Etienne
Jean-Philippe Goddard
Dean of ENSCMu
Isabelle Gosse
Dean of Bordeaux INP - ENSMAC
Fabrice Guérin
Dean of Polytech Angers
Laurence Hafemeister
Dean of ENSEA
Romain Laffont
Dean of Polytech Marseille
Pascal Pinot
Dean of ESILV
Laurent Prat
Dean of Toulouse INP – ENSIACET
Pascal Ray
Dean of Centrale Lyon
François Roche-Bruyn
Dean of AgroSup Dijon
Christophe Rouvrais
Dean of ESAIP
Pascal Vairac

The Standing Committee

CDEFI is administered by a Board of Directors called “Standing Committee”. It comprises 21 members:

  • 1 president,
  • vice-presidents,
  • 12 members elected by the General Meeting,
  • 4 co-opted members.
According to the Conference statuses, the elected members of the Standing Committee must be able to reflect the interests of all the French Schools of Engineering: state schools supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, state schools supervised by the other “technical” ministries, private schools, etc.

Elected and co-opted members are part of the Standing Committee for two years and their mandate can be renewed twice.

The Standing Committee members express the voice of the General Meeting members:
  • they identify the major work orientations of the Conference,
  • they follow the implementation of tasks and decisions,
  • they express public and political opinions on legal documents related to Higher Education and Research reforms in France, Europe and worldwide.

Jean-Marie Roncin
Disability Adviser
Grégory Dechamp-Guillaume
Apprenticeship Officer
Jacques Gelas
International Officer
Andreas Kaiser
Jean-Michel Nicolle
Christian Lerminiaux
President of the International Advisory Board
Emmanuel Perrin
President of DEFI steering comittee
Laurent Bigué
HR Officer

The Cabinet

The Cabinet comprises partners who have been chosen by CDEFI’s President to assist him in the implementation of his missions. The Cabinet members can be entrusted with specific representation missions, on precise geographic areas.

The Cabinet members are for the most part former deans of Schools of Engineering.

The permanent staff

CDEFI's permanent staff is in charge of implementing the Conference’s decisions, under the supervision of the Executive Board and the Standing Committee. The permanent staff deals with the daily activities of the Conference and its administrative and financial management.

The permanent staff comprises:

The direction

Isabelle Schöninger
Executive director
+33 1 85 65 25 25

The administrative office

Melica Nestor
Executive assistant
+33 1 85 65 25 25

Nelly Comerzan
Administrative assistant
+33 1 85 65 25 21

The project officers

Benjamin Guillaume
Education, Research and Innovation
+33 1 85 65 25 23

Martin Muller
+33 1 85 65 25 25

Quentin Sanz de Galdeano
Student Guidance
Ecological and Social Transition
+33 1 85 65 25 25

Jelena Djordjevic

International Relations
+33 1 85 65 25 22

The communication service

Sonia Pinot
Communication officer
+33 1 73 04 34 36

Sarah Ait Said
Communication assistant
+33 1 85 65 25 29