Immigration bill: the academic community asks for a new deliberation on the deposit

Following the adoption of the immigration bill on December 19, CDEFI signed a joint press release with France Universités, BNEI, FAGE, UNEF and Union étudiante, calling for further deliberation on the deposit. 

The bill to control immigration and improve integration was adopted by Parliament on Tuesday December 19. The measures relating to higher education, and in particular to international students, undermine the spirit of sharing our higher education institutions' tradition of welcoming and universal access to knowledge. They also jeopardise France's scientific attractiveness and image worldwide.

In line with their values, and without waiting for the Constitutional Council's decision, France Universités, CDEFI and student representative organisations call on the French President, in accordance with his constitutional prerogatives, to ask Parliament to reconsider the bill on the return deposit, in order to remove this measure.

This discrimination based on money, whatever the amount and whatever exceptions it may entail, is contrary to our values and, as such, must disappear.

France, the land of the Enlightenment, has always been enriched by the intellectual, cultural, economic and scientific exchanges generated by the diversity of its academic community.
The excellence of French research cannot be achieved without the contribution of international students, who make up 40% of our doctoral students.

Our country, our institutions and our research laboratories must continue to benefit from the diversity of profiles that come to train in France, from bac +1 to bac +8, and contribute to the government's goal of reindustrialising our country. Let's continue to welcome and welcome better!

France Universités, CDEFI and the organisations representing students are committed to continuing to make French higher education institutions a place for the transmission of knowledge, the development of talents and emancipation for all, facing the obscurantism.

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