The Funding Commission was created in May 2013.

  • Chaired by Romuald Boné, dean of ENI of Brest
  • Vice-chaired by Laurent Bigué, dean of ENSISA
This commission has two main missions: reflecting about the new stakes of financial resources’ assignment for schools of engineering and helping them to understand and measure their costs.  

The role of the Funding Commission

The members of the Funding Commission examine all topics related to financial resources and business models of higher education institutions.

The priority topics of the Funding Commission

The Funding Commission has set the following priorities for 2018-2019:

  • to reflect on the resources assignment model;
  • to follow the evolution of positions assignment by the Ministry;
  • to help schools of engineering better understand their costs;
  • to reflect on the costs of traineeship programs;
  • to reflect on the business model of higher education institutions.