On behalf of the engineering schools, the CDEFI develops and/or pilots various programs and projects in order to answer problems encountered by institutions of higher education and research in different topics such as the professional integration of doctors, equity between women and men, and the international mobility of students and teachers.


The French schools of engineering data

In order to rationalize the processing time of the numerous press surveys on engineering schools, on 18 September 2015, CDEFI members decided to develop a database of French engineering schools’ indicators. That database allows media to access global data related to schools’ activities to feed their different rankings and files.

In June 2016, in close cooperation with the CGE and the CTI, the CDEFI has launched a portal of data after numerous meetings and working sessions with a steering committee.

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The "Skills for business world" program

femme-ordinateur-entrepriseThe CDEFI created a specific training course for PhD candidates, with the agreement of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, in order to boost PhD holders’ integration into the French business world through a better promotion of young researchers’ knowledge and skills.

Created in 2011 and based from a follow-up committee composed by industrials and academic members, the aim of the CDEFI’s training path called "Skills for business world" ("Compétences pour l'entreprise" in French) is to strengthen the link between doctoral researchers and French companies.

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The "Ingénieuses" initiative
The low proportion of female engineers in certain fields of science and technology has
always been a concern for CDEFI, in view of its missions to promote training and engineering professions on one hand and to defend social values such as diversity and equal opportunities, on the other.

In 2011, CDEFI decided to launch a specific project to fight gender stereotypes, promote equity between men and women in schools and in the professional’s fields, and finally, generate engineer vocation amongst young girls.

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International mobility programs

CDEFI is the administrative and financial manager of a number of international programs funded by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs  and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and by the ministries of countries concerned by these programs.
These programs allow implementation of research and academic projects with foreign universities and establish close relationship with these institutions while promoting the mobility of students and teachers.

In 2015-16, FITEC programs supported 113 cooperation projects between French higher education and research institutions and Brazilian, Argentinean and Mexican institutions.. 371 French engineering students received an international mobility scholarship to Brazil, Argentina, or Mexico/. 36 Colombian students and 9 Dominican students also benefited from an educational support at a French engineering school.

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